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The Great Smoky Mountains

For the most of all things “nature”, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is my favorite eastern US destination. With mountain tops as high as 7000 ft., offering majestic vistas, covered in hardwood forest with spring and summer wildflowers, teeming with abundant and varied wildlife, this destination has much to offer anyone interested in the out-of-doors. The only drawback I find of this park is its popularity with humans, being situated partly in North Carolina as well as Tennessee making it easily accessible to much of the population of the US. and all that it has to offer makes it the most visited national park in this country. During October when the leaves are at their peak for autumn colors traffic can be as bad as rush hour in any major metropolitan ares. My remedy for this is to be there during the week when most people are working.

With four distinct seasons, The Smokys beauty is ever-changing, giving each season its own special flavor making any time of year a good time to visit. Ranging from snow-covered mountains, to wildflowers and newborn black bear cubs, to summer trout fishing, and autumn leaves changing, every season is someones favorite.

I am planning my next visit in either April or May, at which time I will have new adventures to add as well as photos, until then please enjoy the gallery I have as of now.


Cummins Falls

About a year ago a friend told me about Cummins Falls, which resides just outside of Cookville Tn. After seeing photos of the falls I knew I would like to see her in person, but hadn’t managed to get there until being contacted by the Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation and was asked to photograph the falls for a fundraiser to be held towards end of February.

Currently Cummins Falls is on private land. The foundation is on a quest to save the falls from falling prey to development, instead turning the falls into a park for all to share and enjoy the pristine beauty of the gorge containing this majestic waterfall.

Through a series of steps the Blackburn Fork river falls a total of 75 feet into the gorge below creating  a swimming hole that is listed in the top 100 swimming holes in the country of which I can’t wait to experience first hand( being February I thought I’d wait till summer, as it was I crossed the river twice in order to reach the base, an event that let me know I was alive!).

If you are interested in contributing financially towards saving Cummins Falls please contact Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation at or call 615-386-3171.

Please enjoy the photo gallery I have prepared, and remember as always all photographs are property of Steven Dieringer and are protected by copyright law. If you are interested in purchasing prints please feel free to contact me.

Thanks, and Be Great; Steve….

Radnor Lake

Located at the southern edge of Nashville, Radnor Lake in my opinion is “The” jewel of this city. In the era of steam locomotives Radnor was created to supply water for the engines, and was eventually turned into the natural area it is today. While located within the city limits of Nashville, it becomes easy to forget your anywhere near a metropolis, only occasionally is the tranquility interrupted with the sounds of an airplane passing overhead.  Surrounded by hills, with several miles of trails varying from mild to moderate in intensity and home to much wildlife, it is a true escape from city life only minutes away. Because of its closeness to home I find myself there most weekends throughout the year, enjoying the different seasons and the uniqueness each has to offer. Recently I had one of the most awesome wildlife encounters I’ve ever had. Friend Stephen and I were photographing a Barred Owl, perched on a branch about ten feet away when it decided to fly past us, chest high and mere inches away. WOW, absolutely incredible! Please enjoy the photos of this gem of Nashville.