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Radnor Lake

Located at the southern edge of Nashville, Radnor Lake in my opinion is “The” jewel of this city. In the era of steam locomotives Radnor was created to supply water for the engines, and was eventually turned into the natural area it is today. While located within the city limits of Nashville, it becomes easy to forget your anywhere near a metropolis, only occasionally is the tranquility interrupted with the sounds of an airplane passing overhead.  Surrounded by hills, with several miles of trails varying from mild to moderate in intensity and home to much wildlife, it is a true escape from city life only minutes away. Because of its closeness to home I find myself there most weekends throughout the year, enjoying the different seasons and the uniqueness each has to offer. Recently I had one of the most awesome wildlife encounters I’ve ever had. Friend Stephen and I were photographing a Barred Owl, perched on a branch about ten feet away when it decided to fly past us, chest high and mere inches away. WOW, absolutely incredible! Please enjoy the photos of this gem of Nashville.


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  1. Very nice to see the blog growing and growing. Keep up the good work!

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