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Mt. Rainier

This year beginning August 31st I spent ten days in the Pacific northwest. My first stop was Mt. Rainier. As a child I had visited here and remembered it as my favorite stop of our vacation, as an adult I was not to be disappointed.


I arrived after spending all day traveling from Nashville, to be welcomed by typical rain which ( I am one of the weird ones) doesn’t bother me until it’s been raining for a month or perhaps 14 inches in two days. Anyway as I had been up since 3:30 am I was only interested in sleep, so I set about putting up my tent( in the rain), and directly crawled into my sleeping bag. After only a moment a drop of rain fell on my face, a few minutes later another,………then another………….and another, finally I decided if this were to continue I would never find sleep, so I retreated to my rental car trading the comfort of stretching out for dryness. During the night the rains moved on and morning arrived still cloudy but dry, even though I had not slept much I was ready for the day and to see what I would see! After spending the night at the White River campground I drove through the clouds to the Sunrise visitors center (since my mind is usually in the clouds I rather enjoyed driving in the clouds). During the drive Rainier began showing herself briefly and as the day wore on increasingly so. Even though I never saw her in her entirety at any one moment, I did see her entirely as though in a slide show as the cloud breaks would move across her face. As I throughly enjoyed the five mile hike, witnessing sub-alpine, meadows, forests, flowers, black tailed deer(the 8 or 10 point buck escaped the camera,… O’well I’m used to it!), chipmunks, and of course surrounding peaks I shot over 100 photos and had a most memorable day. Please enjoy the gallery of Mt. Rainier! Please note; All photographs are property of Steven Dieringer, DBA Steven Dieringer Photography, and are protected by copyright law. Please contact me to purchase Images. Thank you; Steven Dieringer.